So someone had the great idea to all try and take photos of ourselves at the same time. I'm not sure if it was a good idea...but it was funny.

Here is one angle...

...and here is another...

...and here is Rob's thumb. We're off to a great start!

We met up with Mike and Dave in Portland. Hey! I thought this was the "funny face" shot!

Will all our stuff fit? PUSH!

Finally! Dave is FAMOUS!

We are ready to EAT!

Rob got some corn fritters for the table. What a swell guy!

Don't mind if I do.

Brisket! And Dale gave me his cornbread. What a pal. If you want extra cornbread, always sit next to Dale.

Hey! There's a bed on the wall! What kind of place is this?!

Dave was REALLY thirsty.

Dead inside!! These doors kept opening...

Oh no! John got caught by a floor shark!

Stop-motion animator and musician Voltaire had an interesting panel - he's a great storyteller and when he showed his reel, I recognized a bunch of promos from MTV!

Now this was AWESOME. A screening of The Beastmaster with director Don Coscarelli and 2 Seattle comedians doing live commentary. All sorts of great behind-the-scenes stories and in this photo we can see that Elicia Sanchez is planning a career as a plumber.

Sculpter William J. Bivens and his daughter Abigail

These zombie gnomes were being sold and the guy behind them is planning to make a movie!

After the screening of The Innocent

I didn't know there was a free dental clinic here, too!

The woman behind the con, Mickie, poses with us...behind the counter.

They had a sweet retro arcade room this year and it included an ancient Space Invaders game as well as this Elvira pinball machine!

Arcade Zombies!!!

We ran into Chuck D. Clown in the parking garage. He's scary!

Off to Denny's for a late night snack. I just like saying, "Moons Over My Hammy."

Rob opted for a big ol' mess o' biscuits and gravy.

The next day we dragged ourselves out of bed and past this sign. That looks like it really hurts.

I also love saying, "Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity."

Hey John, let me take a picture of your pancakes - whoops, too late.

Rob used his bonzai skills to craft this parsley tree on fluffy hills of butter.

I got John a balloon for his special day!

Oh no!

John is sad.

Carrie and friend.

Body make-up session in the main room.

Not a chance. These girls would eat John alive!

Look at this cool minotaur!

The lovely and talented Kyona Jiles and Charity Becker at the Blysster Press table

Ricou Browning was the dude in the Creature From The Black Lagoon suit in the underwater scenes for all three movies! He had some neat stories to tell.

I ran into Seattle's own musician/filmmaker Tonjia Atomic.

Sonny Landham is best known for playing the Native American "Billy" in Predator. His panel started off slow, but once someone asked about his political career, running for governor of Kentucky and such, LOOK OUT! He perked up, launched into a stump speech and never looked back!

We ran into this Donny Darko character in the elevator. Creepsville!

Richard Kiel is best known as Jaws in the James Bond movies The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. That guy is HUGE! Also on this panel was Marilyn Burns from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

William J. Bivens presented his custom sculpted "Crypt Icon" Award to Phantasm director Don Coscarelli at the end of Don's panel.

Holy moley was Dee Wallace's panel a hoot and a half! She is full of energy, full of great stories and some hilarious profanity thrown in. The most entertaining panel of all!

Danielle Harris, J LaRose and Cerina Vincent chat about working in and outside of Hollywood. Lots of good stories here, too.

We missed the costume ball, but caught a few folks in the halls of the convention. This lady needs that free dental clinic we saw earlier!


Rob with Brett, the Venom guy. He turned me on to the new diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale. It's good stuff.

Rob also ran into Portland, Oregon zombie-themed podcaster Brother D!

There were all sorts of strange creatures at the con. Oh, and this girl, too.

Sweet Hellboy outfit!

We returned to IHOP for dinner and I got this tuscan chicken sandwich - it was delicious.

Our waitress Shelby had some spiky hair!

We drove into Seattle and had to park behind all this razorwire. Yikes.

We were here to check out Don Coscarelli's new movie "John Dies At The End," which was playing a midnight show as a part of the Seattle International Film Festival.

And it was weird and crazy and cool!

Pancakes at IHOP again for Sunday breakast...

...and we had Claudia, the hottest waitress there!

The fun came to a screeching halt, however, when Dale got butter on Rob's glasses. It's a long story.

Look at this sweet hearse!

Today was the day they were screening my movie Twisted Fates!

Abigail got a Creature from the Black Lagoon tattoo, then had Ricou Browning sign her leg, then she got that tattooed as well. Her Dad was jealous.

Dale tries to comfort this little lost alien.

Dave and the Gravestone folks.

Dave gets a hug from Dee Wallace. She is so nice!

Hey! That's not Dee!

Demon on a chain.

Dave is a HUGE Hellraiser fan, so getting a photo with "Pinhead" himself, Doug Bradley, was a highlight for him.

Hey! Looks like Don Coscarelli showed up for the "Blue Shirt and Goatee Club" meeting. I was going to pick up a DVD of his movie Kenny and Company but by Sunday they were sold out. Damn!

The last time Rob had his photo taken with Doug Bradley, it was in the bar at the 2007 Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Burbank, California.

Now Doug has less hair on his head and Rob has more hair on his jaw!

Doug checked out a snake.

Hey, Sabrina, one of the actresses from Twisted Fates finally got through traffic!

And she wore these fancy shoes!

She was here to help promote the movie screening...

...and have her photo taken with Doug Bradley.

Look who made a new friend.

A Vancouver Rocky Horror troupe performed in the main room.

Doing the Time Warp!



It's showtime!

Film festival organizer Eric Morgret introduces me.

There is John on the big screen!
What was the movie like? Check out the trailer below!

Explaining something important during the post-screening Q and A.

Can I say it again? Dee Wallace is so nice!

That is uncanny.

On the way out, we grabbed a shot of this skull-headed archer.

Time for more BBQ at Famous Dave's!

The other Mike joined us for the screening and dinner and I gave him his birthday present. I think he likes it.

Look at the size of Rob's sausages! Make you own joke here.

What a way to wrap up an awesome weekend.


On the road again, but there's always next year.