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The Dr. Squid Print Zine

Dr. Squid started as a print zine and copies of some issues are still available. Publication is currently on hiatus. A selection of b-movie reviews has been posted online for your enjoyment.

Dr. Squid #12


Spongebob Squarepants; Cool 70's trading cards; reviews of Dagon (as seen at the Portland, Oregon H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival), Bubba Ho-Tep, Science Bastard, Deathbed, Castle Freak, Insaniac, Death Factory, Dead and Rotting, American Nightmare, Filthy McNasty, Cryptz, Maniacal, The Chilling, Corky Romano, Mari Cookie and the Killer Turantula, Serial Killer, Stakes, The Crawling Brain, Meat Market, Gut Pile, and Vampires: Los Muertos. Whew! Only $1.00 in the Store.

Dr. Squid #11


First debuted at Frightvision Con 2002, this issue features an interview with b-movie actor Jeff Dylan Graham, the making of Odd Noggins, and reviews of Blood of the Werewolf, Society of Genetorture, Harvesters, The Films of Richard Kern, Scary Tales, Stumped, Tandem, Witchouse 3: Demon Fire and even Harry Knowles' Ain't It Cool book. Only $1.00 in the Store.

Dr. Squid #10


Gobs of b-movie reviews, Philly Horror Host Dr. Shock, Death of the State Theater, Making the Book of the Beast, Land of the Lost Foods, Behind the Scenes on Nowhere To Hyde. Only $1.00 in the Store.

Dr. Squid #9


TONS of b-movie reviews: Ravage, Sinystre, Destiny: Vampire Mermaid, Shock Waves, Rage of the Werewolf, Alien Agenda, Riddled With Bullets, X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes, and many, many more! Plus cool article about the future of the Halloween franchise; scream queen Stephanie Beaton, behind the scenes of The Evilmaker and more! Only $1.00 in the Store.

Dr. Squid #8 Dr. Squid #8 Brinke Stevens


Flip Cover! Scream Queen BRINKE STEVENS interviewed! B-Movie monster guy Ted Bohus interviewed! Ted's the man behind The Deadly Spawn, Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor and Vampire Vixens from Venus! An extensive interview with Ted is featured. Big bust model/blues singer and cool chick Candye Kane! B-movie reviews and much more other stuff, even! Only $1.00 in the Store.

Dr. Squid #7


Cool CDs for the B-Movie Fan; Fred Olen Ray on "Scared Topless!"; Zine Reviews, Sixteen B-movie reviews from the lab of Dr. Squid!, Cool Crap I Got On My Summer Vacation; Making Movies Out of Lost Footage; Rick Montana; Big Trak Attack from Man or Astro-Man?; Behind the Scenes on Search For The Beast! SOLD OUT!.

Dr. Squid #6


Exclusive interview with Don Dohler, the man behind the cult movies The Alien Factor and Galaxy Invader. He's influenced lots of b-movie makers from Fred Olen Ray to Dr. Squid himself! Whatever happened to Ike Eisenmann, the kid who played Tony in Escape to Witch Mountain? We'll tell ya. Plus lots of b-movie reviews so you know what's worth tracking down and what's not! Only $1.00 in the Store.

Dr. Squid #5


The comedy genius of Don Knotts, Battle Beyond the Stars forever! Fred Olen Ray interview, actress Candace Camille Bender interview, movie reviews of Skinner, Star Force, Bloodletting, Eraserhead, Grim, Watchers II, Nightmare Sisters, Red Lips, The Mangler, Embrace of the Vampire, The Stuff, Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Loaded. SOLD OUT.

Dr. Squid #4


Porno stars in horror flicks; The X-Files/Porno Connection; The Hawaii Five-O/Porno Connection (believe it or not!); A Hollywood Insider's tales from the world of low-budget movies from director of photography Howard Wexler; A Bunch more B-Movie reviews! Only $1.00 in the Store.

Dr. Squid #3


Obscure ramblings about John Carpenter, Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett (creators of the Heartbrakers comic book) interviewed, b-movie reviews including special guest reviewer Mr. Popcorn. SOLD OUT.

Dr. Squid #2


The Mormon/Battlestar Galactic Connection Unveiled! Plus Why Escape To Witch Mountain would make a cool X-Files episode, Anna Nicole Smith, the making of DIMENSION OF BLOOD, the KISS/David Letterman Connection and gobs of b-movie reviews! SOLD OUT.

Dr. Squid #1


Comic book writer/artists Evan (Mike and Cheese) Dorkin and Mike (Madman) Allred interviewed, KISS, X-Files and b-movei reviews. SOLD OUT.

Dr. Squid's Smorgasbord of Terror


Originally planned as a one-shot, this is an all-movie-review zine. I had such a good time making it, I decided to try another four issues, mixing b-movie reviews with articles on obscure and oddball pop culture stuff. Four issues has turned into 12 so far... SOLD OUT.

Zine #5


This was the second appearance of Dr. Squid - it was a full-page ad for my comic shop that I drew for a local underground music fanzine called "Zine" (issue #5, 1994). The circled part says, "Line up if you dare at DR. SQUID'S SMORGASBORD OF TERROR!"

Windows #12


This was the first appearance of Dr. Squid!

WINDOWS was a small press comic book I self-published 16 issues of in the 90's and this is issue #12 from 1992. I wanted to create a cover that was like a schlocky b-movie type poster, complete with bikini-clad babes chained up, a mutated scientist in a lab coat, all set in an underground lab and framed with exploitive bursts and boxes. A few of the exclamations include "Warning! Contains Scenes of Graphic Weirdness!" "In Brain-Melting Black and Widowmaker White - Sharp Contrasts May Be Too Much For Those With Heart Conditions!" and my favorite, and the punchline for the whole thing, "Caution: Any story based on his issue's cover illustration would be too shocking for human minds to comprehend, therefore, none is included here." That's right - there is no Dr. Squid story inside - he's just on the cover! As you can see, Dr. Squid is a bit more monsterous in this first incarnation - his head is larger, he has four eyes and one hand is really big. SOLD OUT.

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