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Odd Noggins drifter Bad Illusion Dimension of Blood Monster in the Garage Crimson Heather Beneath A Dead Moon Bloody Red Lips of Blood Aberrations Twisted Fates Truly Dreadful Tales underbelly dead ink Inbred Redneck Vampires Blood Creek Woodsman Evil Rising Deadly Premonitions Platoon of the Dead Hate Siege of Evil House of Bloodbath Hill - Housebound/The Seekers Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires Always Midnight Aberrations dead ink Zombie Love Slave Lust of the Vampire Hookers/Crimson Heather We Need Earth Women! Vampirisa! Dimension of Blood/Monster in the Garage seekers in multipack seekers in multipack abomination in multipack Gauntlet 216 Dark Night of the Witch Eater Into The Woods Sleepwalker Strangler Cold As Soul Sickened Hate Sweet Pamela aka Underbelly Underbelly