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Dr. Squid Goes to 2007 Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, Burbank, California

Mike, Joe, John and Rob, ready to hit the road for 890 or so miles.

We stopped by Safeway on the way out of town. I saw the melons displayed outside and thought it would be funny to snap this shot of John. I think I was right.

Rest stop number one. Two trash cans for your convenience.

Rob is still going strong. He ended up driving for the whole trip! Holy crap!

Barely out of Oregon and John has passed out. Not really, he's just a phenominal actor.

Hey! My bananas got squished in the cooler!!!

A totem pole in the middle of some Northern California store's parking lot in the wee hours of the morning. Strike a pose!

We stayed at the Economy Inn the first night. Mike liked it so much, the next morning he had the sign attached to his head!

The shower looked like a prison...but for some reason, John liked it!

Ted checked us in. And out.

Breakfast Friday morning. The sign out front said it was something like Kristen's Deli. Painted letters on the window said they served breakfast. The sign on the other window said one spanish name. The 'make checks payable to" sign at the register had some other spanish name. Note the Jarritos Mexican sodas on the counter.

Ready to eat!

I've heard of visions of the Virgin Mary, but I think this was just a giant "U" on the ceiling of the restaurant.

Later, I got John to pose inside the play structure at McDonalds. Right after I snapped this picture, the manager came out to inform us that the play area was for kids 12 and under. She didn't call the cops, though.

I had hoped to get a Shrek ears headband like the cashier was wearing, but she said they were for employees only. I had to settle for a photo with Bertha, who was emptying the trash.

Only what?

After zipping along nicely for hundreds of miles, we hit traffic just outside of Burbank.

A cenobite stalks the hotel lobby.

It's in there!

Wristbands are on for the weekend to mark us as geeks!

I took this photo while in a long line of cars that were stopped. Get it?

It may look like dog crap, but it's just the way the ice cream came out of the machine at Sizzler. I swear!

The view of the Burbank airport from our hotel room on the 8th floor.

Jeff Dylan Graham's sunglasses look better on him than on me. Jeff got covered in blood in my garage for Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires!

Tim Thomerson has starred in some of my favorite movies like Trancers and Dollman and he was on the TV series Quark! He's a serious guy.

Or maybe not!

The lovely and talented Brinke Stevens.

Tony "Candyman" Todd and Rob.

Look at this cool motorcycle some guy had.

Writer/director Michelle Fatale, me, and the famous Eric Spudic. Beware our red eyes!!!

Eric, Mike, John and Rob check out the hotel bar action Saturday night.

Eric with the girls from the Fearnet.com booth. We were hoping this would help Eric get lucky. It didn't.

Party animal.

Rob with Doug "Pinhead" Bradley.

John with our new friend Joann. We were hoping this would help John get lucky. It didn't.

John with the bar's hottest waitress. We were hoping this would help John get lucky. It didn't.

John is a happy boy in the main auditorium.

Folks promoting the zombie comedy "Fido." Note the remote control and dog collar.

Cool costume - she had a giant spider on top of her umbrella, but the photo of it turned out very blurry.

Ouch. That looks like it hurt.

Zombie bikini girls being made up, or something like that.

The Living Dead Girlz strike a pose.

...and another one.

The lovely and talented Debbie Rochon gave me a hug and wished us a safe trip as we left the con.

On our way out of Burbank, there were fires up in the hills.

Here is a station we stopped at on the drive back on Sunday.

Rob farted. John was sitting behind him. Poor John.

Rob was holding a tea tasting during the trip, testing a total of ten teas. Arizona Green Tea with Ginsing and Honey was so bad, he dumped it out.

On Monday, we drove over Lake Shasta.

Mt. Shasta as seen from a convenience store parking lot.

We stopped at this swell place at Rice Hill, Oregon.

They had 36 flavors of Tillamook ice cream. Yum!

Chocolate brownie thunder as big as my head!!!!

Three sizes of fun! And a few hours later our adventure was over.

Click here to see photos from my 2003 Fangoria Weekend of Horrors trip!

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