3 amigos

Three out of four amigos, heading out of Corvallis to pick up Mike in Portland.

burgerville sign

We picked up Mike and headed into Washington and stopped for lunch at Burgerville.

balloons for john

They must've known we were coming because they got the place all fancied up for us! John was fascinated by the balloons!

mike's corn shake

According to the note on the outside of this cup, Mike's milkshake was "made from corn." A corn milkshake? That sounds terrible!


You know what's not terrible? This strawberry shortcake that I had. Mmmmmmm....


Traffic! We must have hit Seattle! Actually the traffic started south of Tacoma...

holiday inn

It's in there!!!

scarecrow joe

Scarecrow Joe!!!


Rob was amazed at the size of this bat!

scuttlebutt sign

I told Mike to point at the Scuttlebutt Brewery sign. He was reeeeally excited!!!!


This is not my motorcycle.

scuttlebutt bbq sandwich

I had a bbq pulled pork sandwich with a bean and sausage soup. Good stuff!

chili burger

Rob had a giant chili cheese burger. We had a gassy weekend ahead of us.

rob and tom

Rob with our friend Tom who brought us to the Scuttlebutt Brewery.

scuttlebutt waitress

Our waitress, Lindsey. And John.

mad scientist

Back at the con, we checked out the vendors room, which was actually the basement parking garage. Here's a crazy mad scientist prop! I love it!

guy with rats

This guy has a pest problem.

hole in head guy

Friday night, they had a fetish fashion show. This poor fellow with the hole in his head sat in front of us.

candy bikini

This girl with the candy bikini on and covered in chocolate syrup was just decoration. Wow.

sasha slaughterhaus

Holy Mackerel! The Gore Gore Girls Gorelesque Troupe performed! Here's Sasha Slaughterhaus. Wow!

red vinyl fashion

That there's some of that fetish fashion.

three thumbs up

John and Mike give it three thumbs up!

belly dancer

They had a belly dancer, too!


And an Elvira impersonator...who was a dude. Seriously.

punk fashion

More fashion...

bed of nails

These crazy dudes from Pure Cirkus were breaking cinderblocks over each other while they reclined on a bed of nails!


Later that night, we found out that 'the party's in 412.' Well, it was. And it was crowded! And hot.


Like I said, hot. We hung out for a bit, but decided to call it a night.

severed arm mike stand

Saturday morning came, we grabbed some breakfast buffet and got ready for some panels. Here we see the severed arm microphone stand.


Chris Alexander, the new editor of Fangoria Magazine takes questions moderated by Sean “The Butcher” Smithson.

where is ernie?

This was the Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) panel, 30 minutes in. Where's Ernie?

ernie hudson's here

Here's Ernie! Apparently nobody told him to come upstairs. Now, where's Bert?

doug and camden

Doug Jones (Hellboy, Silver Surfer) and Camden Toy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) finish up a lively panel.


Here is the lovely Charity Becker (www.optycal.com) with her book, "Presence: Awakening."

margo kidder

Here's Margot Kidder (Superman, Amityville Horror). She's a feisty 61 years old and had some great stories to tell. We saw her a lot over the weekend...

margo kidder's dog

...because she had her dog with her and was always taking the dog out to go to the bathroom. The blood is not from the dog, it's on the tablecloth as decoration. It's a horror con, you know.

chuck declown and joe

Making faces with Chuck DeClown, the official host of Crypticon Seattle 2010.

maddy and bear

Here we are with Madeline Morgan (The Tunnel, Blood Creek Woodsman) and her bear.

headless guy

On the way out for dinner, we ran into this headless guy!

bbq platter

Heaven! BBQ Brisket, potato salad, cole slaw and beans. It was FANTASTIC!

depot cafe waitress

The fantastic BBQ was at the Depot Cafe and Smokehouse. Here is our waitress. And John. And Mike P!

mike mike mike

Mike and Mike got some Mike's. I sound like Dr. Seuss.

do not knock sign

I blacked out the phone number on this photo of a sign I saw on someone's hotel room door so that people seeing this don't call it over and over again and tap their phones lightly, causing the person who owns the number to track me down and punch me in the mouth. But I wonder how many people it made tap on the door. I didn't tap on the door. I just took a picture of the sign.

party on bed

Partying room.

broken toe

This girl broke her toe so a zombie carried her upstairs!

krista's guns

There was a pillow fight being promoted adn scheduled for midnight. As we left the room, I asked Krista to show me her guns. So she did.

adam bucket

Just how big is Big Adam? This is an ice bucket! He said he was going to fill it up with booze and cola. And he did.

krista not sleeping

Krista pretended to be asleep, but she was really saving her energy for the promised pillow fight. Apparently, security broke up the room party downstairs (in 412!) before the pillow fight could start.

noise sign

Is that a comma at the end? And there is only one guest? Plus, people could just take these signs off the hallway wall. I didn't take it down. But I took a picture.


Sure, Rob has an attractive smile but look to the left of him! That contortionist is freakin' me out!!!

bloody maddy

Madeline may look like she was in a brawl, but she said it was just some zombie dude dancing too close to her.

totally awesome robot

This party was so amazing, that apparently this ordinary dresser turned into a totally awesome robot! Wow!

breakfast buffet

The next morning, I was so hungry I was almost finished eating before I remembered to take a picture. Mmmmmm....bacon....

chocolate cake for breakfast

Amazingly, the waitress put a chocolate cake at the end of the breakfast bar! So John had chocolate cake for breakfast. Nice!


Super cool alien prop in the vendor's room.

2 heads

This guy has a good head on his shoulders. Well, actually, I think he may have a bad head on his shoulders.


Dragon Dronet demonstrates some great sword fighting moves!


Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th part 7, 8, 9 and 10) pulled up a chair for a very informal discussion. Really friendly and funny guy with great stories to share.

skull lady

Cool skull make-up!

nightmare panel

Heather Langenkamp and Brooke Bundy at the Nightmare on Elm Street panel.

mongo egg

William Bivens poses with a sweet Alien egg he made. Check out his stuff at www.my-dementia.com

twisted guys


brother d

Meeting up with Brother D and Miss Bren of the Mail Order Zombie podcast!

corpse raffle

So they were raffling off a corpse prop made by William Bivens. So we entered...


I met these girls in the lobby. Impressive!


I love this photo!

voyeur dead girls

Zombie chicks in the vendor room!

voyeur dead girl

There's another one!

steampunk girl 1

I found these two in the lobby as well.

steampunk girl 2

Under the patch! She did the make-up herself and made staples out of bent wire to hold her scar together. Hard to see in the photo, but it was really creepy!


This young lady was getting rings pierced along either side of her spine for a "corset piercing."

mike wins corpse!

Guess who won the corpse? Mike!

zombie face dude

Zombie face dude approved!

mike wth corpse

Mike got to pose with his dead guy.

sasha and joe

I got to pose with Sasha Slaughterhaus. I think I got the better deal.

hey look!

Hey look!

chuck, joe and electrical tape babe

I think I had a dream like this once. Or maybe it was a nightmare. Nice photo to top off the convention for 2010. Get it? "Top off?"

brooklyn bros pizza

We stopped by this fine pizza place on the way out of town.

 brooklyn pizza waitress

The pizza was great and here's our waitress. And John. Check out the old photobomber in the background.


I had a delicious chocolate chip cannoli. It was delicious!


And so, another Crypticon adventure comes to an end as the sun sets on our long drive back home. But I have a bounty of memories...

rob's gas

Sweet, sweet memories.